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Song of wind and Frost

The bluethroat was chosen as the animal symbol of the Karkonosze National Park. It is the most beautiful bard among the nightingales. In his work entitled "National Birds", a Polish 19th-century researcher Władysław Taczanowski, desripts the bird as follows: "With the beauty of the plumage, placing this bird in the order of the most exquisite European birds, it is very shapely, agile and nimble." In Karkonosze we can spot its northern variety, which you can recognize by the red spot on its bib. Author of the video: Marek Martini 
Karkonosze Autumn – another film of Karkonoski National Park, by Marek Martini.
Alpine newts. By Marek Martini 
​Deer are the largest animals in the Karkonosze National Park. The beginning of autumn is the time of their spectacular mourning - the rut.
​Insects set off to conquer the world - another film by Mark Martini
​Valuable than silver and gold and unavailable every day. Treasures of the Balthal Basin thanks to Mark Martini's films are at your fingertips
​Grouse tooting grounds in the Karkonosze National Park. Such a spring performance cannot be missed! A film by Marek Martini 
​Herbalists-laborants have discovered many plants of medical use. They also caused almost utter annihilation of some of them.