Śnieżka Mountain

The highest peak of the Karkonosze and the Sudetes


The rock cone is built in the main part of metamorphic rocks called hornfels. Mountain base remains a granite though. This is the main reason for the characteristic shape of Śnieżka. The main substance the Kakonosze ridge is build is again less durable granite. Hence, the rest of the Karkonosze peaks have much more curly shapes.

A specific climate similar to that of the Arctic Circle is present here, and this very “feature” has lead to the occurrence of alpine vegetation that is present here – at lower mountain zone level, than of anywhere else alpine biotopes. The conditions are responsible. weather.

The average annual temperature at Śniezka slightly exceeds 0 ° C, the hottest month keeps and average of 10.6 ° C, and the highest temperature recorded here was 24.6 ° C (July 28th 2013). Because of that the snow cover remains present here since October till the end of May.